December 3rd 2012

Poem About December 3rd

the morning was a cigar Marc was
smoking with a nut-bodied mediumness
that I gave him for the good poems he read 
to us all it was too warm he said to save it
sorry I couldn’t wait so he smoked his cigar 
and told me he was smoking his cigar
for it was too warm not to yes
the weather makes us do all sorts of awful things
we listen to the particles of each day
hear them mutter tiny instructions
and we must match a good thing with
something even better (this is called celebrating)
and so too we will later fill a icy gap with
wine and candy (this is called recovering)
and slowly the morning caught on
it smelled the nutty undertones and opened up
its sky a little wider over Newmarket New Hampshire 
over a bleached porch by a brown bay
where Marc smoked his Julius Caesar 
while the snow melted the muddy fields 
to a last bean-sized patch of white
in the shadow of a spruce
and this Marc is cause for celebration 

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December 2nd 2012

Poem About December 2nd

ok you win I am
a perfect ghost
I knew it waking up
without air bubbles
I knew it as the loose rain
did not bead my hair
though in the sewer grates
a voice is stammering
for some reason in english
please can we talk more
about that can we be
even more ignored
than the rag-clouds
when I say we you know
what I mean I mean
under the unbroken river
an otter holds his breath

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December 1st 2012

Poem About December 1st

first snow then the dishwasher’s
undaunted churning 

there is a little ocean in there
where something cannot surface
does it need to what is it
these are not the questions of a candle
these are the questions of a candle
with a human heart
very much wanting to save
whatever that thing is that isn’t drowning
I feel today I could make it feel 
so safe it would know how easily
it could drown or be buried 
like a police car under the snow
I spent a few hours thinking it 
was just a regular streakily falling snow
and really who doesn’t want to think that
this isn’t an exceptional thing to lose
I have a deep connection with what
pulls away from me
I am in love with the coupons
the mailman circulates
today he will run slower up the hill
for it is snowing and it is still snowing
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April 30th 2012

Poem I Wrote Today Quickly

sun’s red-marked the chest
of a oak tree 
stringy bark the yesterday-
everything-was-fine feeling
I imagine being in that light
the sun I mean that feeling
in that light
once in a parking lot across
a country I spoke on a phone

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April 29th 2012

Poem I Wrote Today

samaritans samaritans
evenhanded years of not
memories I want
unrich the sand out of
some dull lot does blow
all across the same street
where some do-gooder
once stuck his eye

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April 28th 2012

Poem I Wrote Today 

I watched in the wind
a dry hand-sized part
of the dead plant
(a clump of leaves)
fall off it and no
if you are asking
I don’t feel that
blustery the air is
lionlike and very near

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April 27th 2012

Poem I Wrote Today in About a Minute

not forgetting letting what
was stay stuck and gone
as furred trees might in
today’s wind toss their beards
not smiling not angry just
in what those trees know
to be at this moment them

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